My life has been very varied and dynamic and always functioned best when exploring new territories and taking on new projects....


I never really fitted in to the "corporate" structure - always a square peg in a round hole - way too restrictive for me!


So having started out as a "boutique" manager in my teens - back when we had small independent stores - due to my love of clothes, designing and making them - I soon left to set up my own company making unique suits for men and 40's style garms for the ladies - style of the day in the wonderful 70's - we dressed to impress!

I quickly out grew my hometown and packed up my little Ford Escort MkII and took off to the bright lights of London! Wow - everything I ever dreamed of fashion, music, creativity and awe inspiring architecture everywhere - I very quickly was surrounded by loads of like minded people creating my London family - I felt very at home! Of course it was not all plain sailing but opportunities were in abundance! Fashion and music became my main focus - working in Oxford Circus selling trendy clothes to cool clients by day and clubbing by night - every night! Plus of course the Friday lunchtime session at Crackers and Saturdays at 100 Club - halcyon days!

WAG Flier

I would rush home from work – which was more fun than work – to my trusty sewing machine to “run-up” my outfit for the night – had to be unique every time!

Off we’d go in the little Escort to meet  more and more friends to add to the ever growing soul family to listen to the amazing music of that time played by the likes of George Power, Chris Hill, Greg Edwards, Froggy and many more at venues all over London and in the Home Counties… anywhere to hear the latest sounds!

During this period I had an urge to travel and set off for 6 weeks to explore Europe – ending in Greece – this became 18 months eventually with most of my time spent in Crete! I fell in love with Athens and the Greek Islands I was fortunate enough to visit.


On my return to my adopted home City I started styling some music artists of the time including David Grant, Jaki Graham and more, I also set up my own label - Threads London Ltd which had some success selling to Macys in New York and other chains!


With the music styling I found myself getting more involved in the music industry - and it was to be the theme for many more years - firstly I was in PR for Streetsounds Records - a now cult label and then moved into Artist Management - great fun - styling, booking gigs, working with design companies, marketing, negotiating contracts - the whole thing!

Gordon and Heddi

I moved on to Serious Records to do PR & Marketing with a great team of people - many a great tale from that period that will not be uttered here!


In 1986 I was asked to join the now infamous Gordon Mac at Kiss FM (the Pirate radio station) - what a fab adventure I was on - initially just me & Mr Mac in the office but soon joined by Lindsay Wesker and Rosee Ufot Lawrence - we became the office team supporting everything for the station to function. Over the next 3 years we kept everything running and I even became the stations first and only female presenter - leading to all sorts of fun! From playing in clubs, arranging club nights and record fairs - Heddi in heaven!

We created a magazine too which started out as an 8 pager entitled the Written Word through Free! and eventually evolved into Touch Magazine - this helped especially while we were off air securing the legal licence, to stay connected to our huge audience - no internet in those days!

To help in financing all of this we sold adverts on the radio and in the magazine and also launched a record label - formerly Kiss Records then Graphic Records! Responsible for Salsoul Vol I, Boogie Tunes Vol 1 & 2, and other singles. Plus of course our many club nights. A truly magical time - a huge family pulling together - focused on one goal - legality!

Boogie Tunes
Kiss legal

Then we got our licence - what a great sense of achievement but to do it compromises were made - investors were brought in and the suits arrived - oh dear... "corporate" - the square peg no longer fitted - it didn't take long - within 6 months I was out of there - it was a must for my sanity but a very sad time for me!

Fortunately in the background of all of this I was also busy doing some property developing so had something to focus on that I loved doing - just no funds to do it with! Back to job hunting - not so easy at that time but I did find one selling ads for a well known music rag - hated it is a complete understatement but do it - I did - and very grateful I was - it allowed me to finish my project and I got to sell one of the apartments! This put me back in the driving seat - time for new horizons - bye bye corporate - again!

I decided to set up a record label with a friend Everton Webb - Sidestep Records - it was fun and we signed some seriously talented artists including Beverlei Brown, Blacknuss and US Together and a whole lot more! No great successes but a great thing to be doing everyday - blessed.


Through this I met some amazing people mainly from our design team - India, Nicky & Vanessa - great girls - true entrepreneurs - I ended up working with them after the label closed. I was mainly there to do the accounts and client liaison but soon ended up learning design and the new world internet for the emerging web design market - a huge transitionary and testing period for any graphic design company. I was looking into all aspects of Internet Marketing to help with this transition and now wish I had stayed with it as it was so not user friendly then - but I got the bug and it never really left me.


By 2000 I felt the need to do some property developing so I teamed up with India on a big project and we purchased All Hallows Church Hall in Bow in London - we set about converting it into 11 units - fantastic, huge, luxury London pads - close to the City - early runners in this market - they are everywhere now! We maybe bit off more than we could chew - but we did and came out of it smiling - having provided some stunning accommodation for a lot of people! Further projects and investments were undertaken but like so many others we got smacked by the 2007 crisis - so back to the corporate world - again! Not long after this - and for a corporate it wasn't so bad - I actually quite enjoyed my time working with Audley - selling retirement homes in the middle of Mote Park in Maidstone!

But my mum was ill - in Spain - and my dad was struggling so I took the decision to go and help and spent one and half years with my lovely mum before we lost her in 2010. However dad still needed support so I stayed on going backwards and forwards - looking for a way to make a living that could move with me and that could utilise my skills and creativity.


About 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to start my new radio show Jazz Not Jazz on a local station Lick FM on 103.5 FM - initially just compiling music but more recently presenting it live from our studio every Tuesday evening at 8pm UTC +2 - and it also goes out on Cruise FM in the UK and Magic Moments in Italy. Plus I get to do the odd DJ set on the beach and in some venues! Music returns to my life! Happy Happy Happy!

JNJ image FB

Finally I feel reborn and ready to move forward and it feels like I have gone full circle - back to my passions - music, property development and Internet Marketing - oh and of course running up the odd outfit when I find a spare moment!


As I learn and progress and create the all new Heddi's World I will share the best of what I learn here - looking forward to meeting my new online family.

Plus putting loads of energy into creating financial freedom for myself by learning Internet Marketing - now working online - to my OWN orders LOL on my time schedule and at my own pace...


I have also purchased a small apartment to develop - which I am starting very soon and will document its progress here with tips and ideas on how to... save money without compromising the end result! Self improvement has always been a core to my life and I love to read and soak in positivity and I will be sharing anything I think has been of a positive benefit to me in these pages! I believe we are all equal and capable of achieving all we want our lives to be, without the need for others to lose whilst we do it.