Life truly is a blessing and once we choose happiness it becomes self perpetuating - sometimes we need little reminders to stay on our path - here I will bring you inspiring quotes, images, stories, videos and also share my love of music with you - hoping to inspire us all to be the very best we can be, to follow our dreams and live our lives with passion!



As promised I would love to invite you all to join me on my musical journey - I present a radio show every Tuesday night at 8pm CET on Lick FM here on the Costa del Sol in sunny Spain and on Mondays at 21.30 CET on Magic Moments in Italy, or weekdays on Cruise FM in the UK broadcasting to the entire universe!

I call it Jazz Not Jazz and it does honour Jazz but in a vibe kind of way rather than strictly Jazz music! You can expect to hear jazz influenced, soul inspired, and uplifting grooves across many genres - including Jazz Funk, Soul, Soulful House, Afro House, Lounge, Latin, Brazilian, Drum'n'Bass and much more - all designed to satisfy! Catch up with previous shows...


I guess we are all searching for the key that opens the door to success in all aspects of our lives and the more we discover about ourselves and our connection to all others the more obvious it all becomes - I am still on my journey of self development and will always be - living and learning along the way - The Secret is a very powerful read and lays out many teachings in a simple way - if you haven't read it yet - you probably should and if you have it's always worth revisiting! Get your copy here...